Monday, January 9, 2012

Annex 30-day Art and Writing Challenge...

Day 9:


I love the smell of ink. You know, back when ink, paint, and magic markers used to really smell! Ink aroma transports me to an era when I was full of creative life and love.

Back in my 1980s Graphic Designer Daze, I harbored an intriguing crush on a dark-haired, dark-eyed, mysterious print shop owner, Walking into the print shop, (strictly on business, of course,) I would fill my nose with his ink cologne. Elsewhere he smelled out of place, like spilled ink in the grocery store aisle, bar, theater, or kitchen floor.

Today, 20 years and 200 lifetimes later, although I cannot recall Mr. Print Shop Man’s name, he crosses my mind when that ink odor crosses my path. I concern for his health. We weren’t talkin’ soy fru-fru ink back then. All those smells. All that ink.

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