Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane and Billy Hults!

Cafe Vaquera features the historic anthology CD by Billy Hults!
BILLY:  The Anthology on
I got to do a cool phone interview with the man, himself, Billy Hults.   It was a special night!   I love this radio station especially for nights like this!

1.  Kid Siegel, "Sweet Home on the Coast," by David "Kid" Siegel, (Sweet Home on the Coast.)
2.  The Fly by Nite Jass Band, "Shine," (A Lotta Clazz.)
3.  Bluff City Backsliders, "Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues," by Memphis Jug Band, (Songs with Tragic and Humorous Text.)
4.  Billy Hults with Michael Hurley, "Portland Water," by Michael Hurley, (Billy Hults/ Billy: The Anthology.)
5.  A fabulous phone interview with the Reverend Billy Hults!  You have to love technology and interactive radio, too, as friends were emailing in from all over the country!  
6.  Holy Modal Rounders, Live at the Crystal Ballroom in 1987, "Bird Song," from Easy Rider.
7.  Billy Hults and Johnnie Ward, "Bye Bye Bird," (Billy Hults: The Anthology.)
8.  Washboard Sam, "Mama Don't 'Low," (Washboard Swing.)
9.  Beale Street Washboard Band, "Piggly Wiggly," (All Star Jazz Quartets.)
10.  Billy Hults with Roger North on Washboard, too!  and Steve Weber, "Hop High Ladies."
11.  True Endeavor Jug Band, "You Better Leave Me Alone, Sweet Papa," (The Art of the Jug Band.)
12.  Federal Cigar Jug Band, "On the Road Again," (Snapshots.)
13.  Eagle Ridin' Papas with Johnnie Ward on vocals and Paul Bassett on Washboard, "Ragtime Millionaire."
14.  Fly by Nite Jass Band, "Rhythm Kings," (A Whole Lotta Clazz.)
15.  Floating Glass Balls, "Respiration," and "Blues at My Door."  LIVE
16.  Cyril Davies, "Boll Weevil," (With Alexis Korner's Break Down Group and the Roadhouse Jug Four.)
17.  The Big Waaagh Scratch Band, "Cake Walk into Town," by Taj Mahal, (Does Zoo Mean Zu.)
18.  Billy Hults, Joel Marshall, Spud Siegel, Gari Keiski, Dan Conner, Dave Ambrose, John Fraser, Bookstore Bill, and Bill the Lawyer LIVE at Cannon Beach American Legion.  (Billy Hults/ Billy: The Anthology.)
19. John Sebastian and the J-Band, "Big Road Blues," (I Want My Roots.)
20.  Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Hold onto Each Other," Live at Billy's wake at the White Eagle.
21.  South Austin Jug Band, "Sweet Sue," by Harris and Young, (Pickin' and Grinnin'.)
22.  ANOTHER LIVE PHONE PATCH WITH BILLY HULTS!   The Reverend Billy Hults calls back to say goodnight to everyone.   THANKS BILLY! 
23.  Holy Modal Rounders with Billy Hults LIVE at the Crystal Ballroom.  1987? "Random Canyon."
24.  Jim Page, Tribute to Billy Hults, LIVE from Billy's party  at the White Eagle...

I LOVED TONIGHT'S SHOW SO MUCH.   Billy responded and said, "This is what love sounds like."   No kidding!   (CJ...)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Maggie, Jane and Billy.  Ain't we cute?  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Billy Hults: the anthology

Billy Hults
This CD is an audio-biography or a musical documentary of Billy Hults's life playing washboard with some of the best musicians in the Pacific Northwest, and some of the craziest.   Hear Billy with the Fly by Nite Jass Band, Richard Cranium and the Phoreheads, Floating Glass Balls, Holy Modal Rounders, Michael Hurley, Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, Baby Gramps, Johnnie Ward, and more!
Enjoy a phone interview with the man, himself, BILLY HULTS.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello there.  
I missed you guys in the Cafe Vaquera last week.  Slab did an admirable job sitting in at the grill in the Ol' Cafe.   Thank you, Slab, you VAQUERO, you!   I was visiting the San Juan Islands in Washington State.  I attended a self-imposed garden camp, slept in my "new" VW camper-van with my two dogs, got some sunshine, rode on the ferries, ate fabulous sea food and farmer's market veggies, and missed all of you.   See you on the radio on Tuesday.
Calamity Jane

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane, (May 12th, 2009)

Cafe Vaquera was thrilled and flattered to host Portland's LEX BROWNING and Kathryn Frederick.  Lex's new album, Good Rain, premiered right here on Cafe Vaquera.  (www.frederickproductions.c0m.)  What a great night on the radio!

1.  Lisa and Her Kin, "Jane's Place," by Lisa Miller, (Two Weeks in Texas.)
2.  Lex Browning, "Good Rain," by Lex Browning, (Good Rain.)
4.  Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Third Floor Judy," by Jeffrey Frederick, (Freak Mountain Ramblers III.)
5.  Jill Gross and friends, "Alley Cat," by Jeffrey Frederick, (St. Jeffrey's Day, the Songs of Jeffrey Frederick.)
6.  Austin Lounge Lizards, "The Dogs They Really Miss You," (Employee of the Month.)
7.  Teddy Deane and the Play-Rite Boys, "Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore," (Doggone Good Time.)
9.  Lex Browning, "Shut Up and Drive," by Lex Browning, (Good Rain.)
10.  Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Belly Song," by Antonia, (Freak Mountain Ramblers.)
11.  Billy Hults, "Toilet," by Jeffrey Frederick, (Billy Hults, the Anthology.)
12.  Jeffrey Frederick, "Walk Across Kansas," (Ooh La La Les Clams.)
13.  Freak Mountain Ramblers w/ Lex Browning on vocals, "Can't Quit You," by Jeffrey Frederick, (St. Jeffrey's Day: The Songs of Jeffrey Frederick.)
15.  Steve Weber, "My Name is Morgan," (Holy Modal Rounders BC.)
16.  Siscco and Pals, "Whiskey Willie," by Michael Hurley, (The End of the Trail.)
18.  Lex Browning, "This Too Shall Pass," by Lex Browning, (Good Rain.)

(What an awesome show.  Later, when I listen to the recording that I made, I'll fill in the names of the songs that Lex did live.   CJ)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

On May 12th, 2009, the Cafe Vaquera will host Portland's favorite Freak Mountain Rambler, multi-instrumentalist, and all-round nice guy LEX BROWNING.  Lex is showin' up live and in person at the KMUN studio to celebrate his BRAND NEW CD called "Good Rain."  It's hot off the press from Frederick Productions!  It's a wonderful piece of work and I guarantee you will enjoy getting to know Lex Browning on Cafe Vaquera.  He's a mega-talent and the real deal.  (Austin Lounge Lizards, Quarterflash, Trail Band, Clamtones...)

Kathryn Frederick of produced the CD. She is bringing along BILLY HULTS's CD.  This will be a rare treat for the "Upper Left Edge" listeners, as Billy Foodstamp is a local favorite.   This CD is a compilation of Billy's various musical adventures!   I can't wait to share it with you guys!  

Please Email me at if you are listening to the show.
TUESDAY, MAY 12th, 2009 from 9-11(Pacific) on

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shady Grove show with Calamity Jane

HOWDY! Welcome to Shady Grove! 
(Music in the back porch tradition, bluegrass, and old timey stuff...)
If you like Calamity Jane's style, you might just want to tune in to Cafe Vaquera on Tuesday nights from 9-11PM!

1. Crooked Still, "Shady Grove," traditional.
2. Holy Modal Rounders, "The Cuckoo," by Clarence Ashley, Holy Modal Rounders I&II.
3. Wayword Sons, "Poor Boy's Delight," by Benny Galloway," Poor Boy's Delight.
4. Laurie Lewis, Rhonda Vincent, Clair Liynch, Lynn Morris, "Eight More Miles," by Kieran Kane, O' Sister: The Women's Bluegrass Collection.
5. Leadbelly, "Ella Speed," Classics in Jazz LP.
6. City Limits Bluegrass Band, "Pa Went to Sleep and the Hogs Ate Him," Stanley Brothers tune, Hello City Limits: 1975 LP.
7. Baby Gramps, "Teddy Bear's Picnic," Same Ol' Timeously.
8. Good Ol' Persons, "Dreaming in Three-Quarter Time," by McComb, Anywhere the Wind Blows.
9. Mephis Jug Band, "You MayLeave But This Will Bring You Back," Ruckus Juice and Chittlins Volume 2.
10. Dickey Betts, "Waiting for A Train," by Jimmie Rodgers, The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers.
11. The Tenneva Ramblers, "If I Die a Railroad Man," Great Original Recordings, 1927-28.
12. Jimmie Rodgers, "Bo Diddley," Jimmie Rodgers Sings Folk Songs, LP.
13. Whistler's Jug Band, "Low Down Blues," Ruckus Juice and Chittlins: Vol. 1.
14. Holy Modal Rounders, "Movin' Day," / "Better Things to Do," Holy Modal Rounders: I&II.
15. Sam Bush, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," Howlin' at the Moon.
16. Seldom Scene, "The Little Sparrow (Fair and Tender Ladies)," Dream Scene.
17. Crooked Jades, "The Old Cow Died," traditional, World's On Fire.
18. John Harris, "Glad and Sorry Blues," Ruckus Juice and Chitlins: Great Jug Bands: VOL.1
19. Kind David's Jug Band, "What's That Tastes Like Gravy," Ruckus Juice and Chitlins: VOL.1.
20. Tex Ritter and the Rio Grande River Boys, "Night Herding Song/ Bad Brahma Blues."
21. Snuffy Jenkins and Pappy Sherrill, "Wang Wang Blues," Crazy Water Barn Dance.
22.  The Breakmen, "Becoming A Poet,"  The Breakmen.
23.  Michelle Shocked, "Blackberry Blossom," Arkansas Traveler.
24.  J. Byrd Hosch Trio, "Pickin' Berries, by J. Byrd Hosch,  It's Good to Get Together.
25.  Bob Dylan, (BY REQUEST), "Two Soldiers," World Gone Wrong.
26.  Jack Tottle, "Seasons of My Heart," Back Road Mandolin.
27.  Salamander Crossing, "Passion Train," Passion Train.
28.  Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band, "Yours to Abuse," by J. Buck and A. Thron, Cabin in the Hills.
29.  Holy Modal Rounders, "Blues in a Bottle,"  traditional.
30.  Wilma Lee Cooper, "You Tried to Ruin My Name," by Wilma Lee Cooper, O'Sister: The Women's Bluegrass Collection.
31.  Yonder Mountain String Band, "Shady Grove," traditional.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Howdy there.
I am sittin'-in on the back porch of the Shady Grove Show this Saturday, May 9th, 2009, from 6-8PM on
I've been digging through my old records and new CDs to find some unusual old timey, bluegrassy, back porchy music to fit the genre of the show. is my Email address if you want to say HI while I'm on the radio.   CJ

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane, May 5th, 2009 (9-11PM)

Howdy! Welcome to Cinco de Mayo at the ol' Cafe Vaquera,
Read more about the music and inspiration for this show on Calamity Jane's very own blog!

May 5th, 2009
1. Lisa and Her Kin, "Jane's Place," by Lisa Miller, (Two Weeks in Texas.)
2. Hayes Carll, "Good Friends," by Hayes Carll, (Little Rock.)
3. Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass, "Hello Dolly!," by Jerry Herman, (South of the Border.)
4. Gene Autry, "South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)," by Kennedy-Carr, (Gene Autry Greatest Hits.)
5. Tish Hinojosa, "By the Rio Grande," by Tish Hinojosa, (Culture Swing.)
6. Craig Carothers with Tim Ellis, "Mexican Cafe," by Craig Carothers, (Acoustic Set.)
7. Heather Christie Band, "Mexico," by Heather Christie, (Love Road.)
8. Hoyt AXton, "Mexico City Hangover," by Hoyt Axton, (Less than the Song.)
9. The Sandpipers, "Guantanamera," by Marti-Anguio-Seeger, (Spanish Album.)
10. Lex Browning, "Blackberry Wine," by Lex Browning, (Good Rain.)
11. Victoria Williams, "Tarbelly and Featherfoot," by Victoria Williams, (DEMO.)
12. Bingo Band w/ Kevin "Bingo" Richey, "Singing to the Dentist," by Jeffrey Frederick, (St. Jeffrey's Day: The Songs of Jeffrey Frederick, Vol. 1.)
Jake Ray, "Rosebud," by Jeffrey Frederick, too! SAME ALBUM....
13. Cowboy Junkies, "I Saw Your Shoes," by Michael Timmins, (Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes.)
14. Bivalve, "You Are My Orange," by J.R. Stewart, (Middle Ground.)
15. The Amazing Rhythm Aces, "Rodrigo, Rita, and Elaine," by R. Smith, (Ride Again.)
16. Townes Van Zandt, "Pancho and Lefty," by Townes Van Zandt, (A Far Cry from Dead.)
17. Marty Robbins, "El Paso," by Marty Robbins, (Gunfighter Ballads, and Trail Songs.)
18. Lex Browning, "New December Moon," by Lex Browning, (Good Rain.)
19. Alexa Wiley, "Lad Calles," by Alexa Wiley, (Eating That Way.)
20. Freddy Fender, "I Almost Called Your Name," by Margaret Lewis and Myra Smith, (Before the Next Teardrops Fall.)
21. Herb Alpert's Tiajuana Brass, "Mexican Shuffle," (South of the Border.)
22. Michael Hurley, "I Paint a Design," by Michael Hurley, (Wolfways.)
23. Gale Garnett, "I Know You Rider," Traditional, (My Kind of Folk Songs.) 1964
24. Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie, "Deportee," by Pete Seeger, (Together.)
25. The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, "Time Changes Everything," by Bob Wills, (The Majesty of Bob Wills.)
26. Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel, "Bring it on Down to My House," (Willie and the Wheel.)
27. John Sebastian and the J-Band, "Just Don't Stop 'till You're All Worn Out," by Sebastian and Vivino, (I Want My Roots.)
28. Pink Martini, "Amado Mio," by Fisher and Roberts, (Sympathique.)
29. Herb Alpert's TJ Brass, "South of the Border," by Kennedy and Carr, (South of the Border.)
30. Denise Drake, "See Ya When I See Ya," by Denise Drake, (Read My Lips.)

Don't forget to tune in next week for Lex Browning LIVE on Cafe Vaquera. 
9-11PM, May 12th, 2009  

Monday, May 4, 2009

LEX BROWNING to visit Cafe Vaquera!

On May 12th, 2009, the Cafe Vaquera will host Portland's favorite Freak Mountain Rambler, multi-instrumentalist, and all-round nice guy LEX BROWNING.  Lex is showin' up live and in person at the KMUN studio to celebrate his BRAND NEW CD called "Good Rain."  It's hot off the press from Frederick Productions, and I listened to it while I cruised around Eastern Washington in my "new" camper-van, all weekend.    It's a wonderful piece of work and I guarantee you will enjoy getting to know Lex Browning on Cafe Vaquera.  He's a mega-talent and the real deal.  

(Freak Mountain Ramblers, Austin Lounge Lizards, Quarterflash, Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, and so much more...)
TUNE IN: 9-11PM on Tuesday night to!    
See you there.  CJ