Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cafe Vaquera, August 16th, 2011.

Tuesday night again and time for Cafe Vaquera! My favorite two hours of the week! I thought I'd tell you about some festivals and outdoor music coming up, since summer is just starting. Get out amongst 'em, folks. I'm liking these smaller homegrown festivals these days.

Jim and Julz Kasner from the Fisher Poets Gathering here in Astoria are putting on a big old camping fun celebration type music festival on their family farm!
August 26-28, 2011.
Between Corvallis and Newport in BURNT WOODS!

Baby Gramps is playing at a festival in Tidewater, OR, this weekend.
August 19-21, 2011.

PLAYLIST for Cafe Vaquera, August 16th, 2011.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND LOLLY IN MOAB, UT, who does a show (Ranch Exit) on KZMU, Moab's cool community radio station!

1. The Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme Song," by Teddy Deane. www.teddydeanemusic.com.
2. Peter Stampfel and Baby Gramps, "Monkeys have no Tails in Zamboango!" by Baby Gramps, on Outertainment, Red Newt Records, 2010.
3. Michael Hurley, "Dying Crapshooter Blues," from Ancestral Swamp, Snocko Music, 2001.
4. Wilders, "Someone's Got To Pay," from Someone's Got To Pay, Trader Root, 2008.
5. Pokey LaFarge, "Ain't the Shame," by Pokey LaFarge, on Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, Trade Root, 2011.
6. The Be Good Tanyas, "Human Thing," from Hello Love, Nettwerk, 2006.
7. Carolina Chocolate Drops, "Hit 'em Up Style," from Genuine Negro Jig.
8. Liz Longley, "Moondance," by Van Morrison.
9. Jesse Winchester, "Full Moon," by Jesse Winchester, itunes, Third Down, 1972.
10. Kaai Serenaders, "Hula Shake That Thing," from Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics, Arhoolie 1993.
11. Keola Beamer with George Winson, "Ka Makani Ka'ili Aloha," from Kolonaite, (from the gentle wind,) Dancing Cat 1999.
12. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, "Hano Hano O'Cowboy."
13. The Wilders, "Happy That Way," from Someone's Got to Pay, Trade Root 2008.
14. Cloud Cult, "Running with the Wolves."
15. OK-Go and Bonermam, "I Shall be Released."
16. Asylum Street Spankers, "Got my Mojo Wrokin'," from Mercurial, Spanks-a-lot 2004.
17. King Harvest, "Dancing in the Moonlight."
18. Cloud Cult, "Journey of the Featherless."
19. Agesandages, "No Nostalgia," from Alright You Restless, Knitting Factory 2011.
20. Avett Brothers, "Pretty Girl from Chile," Emotionalism.
21. Lyle Lovett, "Who Loves you Better," by Lyle Lovett, from The Road to Ensenada, Curb.
22. The Be Good Tanyas, "Light Enough to Travel," from Blue Horse, Porch Music 2000.
23. Sam Bush, "Girl of the North Country."
24. Tarbox Ramblers, "Columbus Stockade," Rounder 2000.
25. David Bromberg, "East Virginia," from Try Me One More Time, Appleseed 2007.
26. Michelle Shocked, "33RPM Soul," from Arkansas Traveler, Polygram 1992.
27. David Lindley, "Ain't no Way," from El RayoX.
28. Leadward Kaapana, "Naka Pueo," from Led Live-Solo, Dancing Cat 1994.
29. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
30. Denise Drake, "See You When I See You," by Denise Drake, from Read My Lips, Smokin' Mamma 2000.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cafe Vaquera, August 9, 2011

I just returned from four days at the Pickathon, at beautiful Pendarvis Farm near Portland, Oregon. I bought some new CDs from the artists to share with you on Cafe Vaquera. If you hear great music on Community Radio, or get turned on to a new favorite artist from Cafe Vaquera, or you are a musician, yourself, be sure you tell festival organizers. You can twitter and tweet like a freakin' canary and it ain't gonna get you air time. Show the love for the stations that play the independent artists and let festival organizers know that we count! OK? Thanks...

This is a quick line drawing I did of Michael Hurley at this year's Pickathon.

Playlist from post-Pickathon Show
August 9, 2011...

1. The Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme Song," by Teddy Deane.
2. The Fruit Bats, "Tony the Tripper," by Eric D. Johnson, from Tripper, Sub Pop 2011.
3. Pokey LaFarge aNd the South City Three, "Mississippi Girl," by Pokey LaFarge, Trade Root 2011.
4. Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, "Your Own Kind," from itunes.
5. Nick Vigarino, "Tulips," by Nick Vigarino, from Temptation Road.
6. Jerry Joseph, "Daddy Bruce," by Jerry Joseph, from itunes.
7. Michael Hurley, "Light Green Fellow," by Michael Hurley, from the Ancestral Swamp, Snocko 2007.
8. Jim Boyer, "Trestle," by Jim Boyer, from Trestle, Red Newt Records, 2011.
9. Laura Veirs, "I Can See Your Tracks," by Laura Veirs, from itunes.
10. Agesandages, "Alright You Restless," from Alright You Restless, Knitting Factory 2011.
11. Eilene Jewell, "I Remember You," from itunes.
12. The Fruit Bats, "Heart Like an Orange," from Tripper, Sub Pop 2011.
13. Pokey LaFarge and the South County Three, "River Rock Bottom," Trade Root 2011.
14. Milton Brown, "You're Bound to Look Like a Monkey," from itunes.
15. Adolph Hofner, "Dirty Dog," from itunes.
16. Spade Cooley, "Stay Away from my Heart," from itunes.
17. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, "So Long Honeybee, Goodbye," by Pokey LaFarge, Trade Root 2011.
18. Agesandages, "Navy Parade," from Alright You Restless, Knitting Factory 2011.
19. Eilen Jewell, "Queen of the Minor Key," by Eilen Jewell, from itunes.
20. Indigo Girls, "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright," by Bob Dylan, from itunes.
21. The Fruit Bats, "Shivering Fawn," from Tripper, Sub Pop 2011.
22. Ben Sollee, "Panning for Gold."
23. Crooked Still, "Wind and Rain."
24. Darol Anger and Mike Marshall, "Gator Strut."
25. Blind Pilot, "Get it Out," from the "iTunes Session."
26. Laura Veirs, "Cool Water."
27. Mavis Staples, "We're Gonna Make It."
28. Mavis Staples, "You Are Not Alone."
29. Denise Drake, "See You When I See You," by Denise Drake, Read My Lips, Smokin' Mamma 2000.

18. Agesandages,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cafe Vaquera, August 2, 2011...

I have not been keeping up on my blogging and playlists. It is my hope to buck up and get these playlists up each week just after the show. I'll be adding more personal comments and info about festivals and artists, too.

August 2, 2011...

Today would have been my Dad's 99th birthday. He made it until nearly 91 years of age.
1. The Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme," by Teddy Deane.
2. Sarah Jarosz, "Gypsy."
3. Michael Hurley, "You're a Dog, Don't Talk to Me," by Michael Hurley, Snocko Music.
4. Bonnie Prince Billy, "Easy Does It."
5. Carolina Chocolate Drops, "Hit 'em Up Style."
6. Cowboy Junkies, "Sweet Jane," by Lou Reed, from The Trinity Sessions, 1988 BMG.
7. John Doe and The Sadies, "'Til I Get it Right," by Laney Henley, from Country Club, 2009 YepRoc.
8. The Crooked Jades, "Ring the Moon," from World's on Fire, 2006 Jade Note.
9. Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, "Weary Blues from Waiting," from Hard-Headed Woman, a Tribute to Wanda Jackson, 2004 Bloodshot.
10. Michael Hurley, "Mona Lisa," from Sweetkorn, Snocko Music.
11. Be Good Tanyas, "Up Against the Wall," from Blue Horse, 2001 Nettwerks.
12. Vetiver, "Sister," from itunes.
13. Breathe Owl Breathe, "Black Bear," from itunes.
14. Dehlia Low, "Buffalo to Washington," from itunes.
15. Wood Brothers, "Spirit," AND "Angel Band," from Ways Not to Lose, Blue Note 2006.
16. Michael Hurley, "Vanessa," by Michael Hurley, from Weatherhole, Snocko Music.
17. Trashcan Joe, "For the Moon," by Mike Danner, from Real Life, Trashcan Joe 2007.
18. Tarbox Ramblers, "Jug Band Music," Rounder 2000.
19. Woody Pines, "Chew Tobacco Rag," from Counting Alligators, WoodyPines 2009.
20. Lost Bayou Ramblers, "Cote Gelee Two Step," from itunes.
21. Alela Diane, "Fat Mama," by Alela Diane, from itunes.
22. Samantha Crain, "Devils in Boston," by Samantha Crain, from itunes.
23. Michael Hurley, "El Dorado," by Michael Hurley, from the Ancestral Swamp, Snocko Music 2007.
24. Vetiver, "Another Reason To Go," by Andy Cabic, from Tight Knit, Sub Pop 2009.
25. Sassparilla, "Whiskers," by Frantz/Blackwell/Sassparilla, from Rumpus, Sassparilla 2008.
26. The Little Willies, "I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive," from Milking Bull Records.
27. Langhorn Slim, "Checking Out," and "I Love to Dance," by Langhorn Slim, from When the Sun's Gone Down, Narnack 2005.
28. David Lindley & Wally Ingram, "King of the Bed," by David Lindley, from TwangoBangoII!
29. C.W. Stoneking, "Talking Lion Blues," by C.W. Stoneking, from Jungle Blues, 2008.
30. Denise Drake, "See You When I See You," by Denise Drake, from Read My Lips.