Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane and Billy Hults!

Cafe Vaquera features the historic anthology CD by Billy Hults!
BILLY:  The Anthology on
I got to do a cool phone interview with the man, himself, Billy Hults.   It was a special night!   I love this radio station especially for nights like this!

1.  Kid Siegel, "Sweet Home on the Coast," by David "Kid" Siegel, (Sweet Home on the Coast.)
2.  The Fly by Nite Jass Band, "Shine," (A Lotta Clazz.)
3.  Bluff City Backsliders, "Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues," by Memphis Jug Band, (Songs with Tragic and Humorous Text.)
4.  Billy Hults with Michael Hurley, "Portland Water," by Michael Hurley, (Billy Hults/ Billy: The Anthology.)
5.  A fabulous phone interview with the Reverend Billy Hults!  You have to love technology and interactive radio, too, as friends were emailing in from all over the country!  
6.  Holy Modal Rounders, Live at the Crystal Ballroom in 1987, "Bird Song," from Easy Rider.
7.  Billy Hults and Johnnie Ward, "Bye Bye Bird," (Billy Hults: The Anthology.)
8.  Washboard Sam, "Mama Don't 'Low," (Washboard Swing.)
9.  Beale Street Washboard Band, "Piggly Wiggly," (All Star Jazz Quartets.)
10.  Billy Hults with Roger North on Washboard, too!  and Steve Weber, "Hop High Ladies."
11.  True Endeavor Jug Band, "You Better Leave Me Alone, Sweet Papa," (The Art of the Jug Band.)
12.  Federal Cigar Jug Band, "On the Road Again," (Snapshots.)
13.  Eagle Ridin' Papas with Johnnie Ward on vocals and Paul Bassett on Washboard, "Ragtime Millionaire."
14.  Fly by Nite Jass Band, "Rhythm Kings," (A Whole Lotta Clazz.)
15.  Floating Glass Balls, "Respiration," and "Blues at My Door."  LIVE
16.  Cyril Davies, "Boll Weevil," (With Alexis Korner's Break Down Group and the Roadhouse Jug Four.)
17.  The Big Waaagh Scratch Band, "Cake Walk into Town," by Taj Mahal, (Does Zoo Mean Zu.)
18.  Billy Hults, Joel Marshall, Spud Siegel, Gari Keiski, Dan Conner, Dave Ambrose, John Fraser, Bookstore Bill, and Bill the Lawyer LIVE at Cannon Beach American Legion.  (Billy Hults/ Billy: The Anthology.)
19. John Sebastian and the J-Band, "Big Road Blues," (I Want My Roots.)
20.  Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Hold onto Each Other," Live at Billy's wake at the White Eagle.
21.  South Austin Jug Band, "Sweet Sue," by Harris and Young, (Pickin' and Grinnin'.)
22.  ANOTHER LIVE PHONE PATCH WITH BILLY HULTS!   The Reverend Billy Hults calls back to say goodnight to everyone.   THANKS BILLY! 
23.  Holy Modal Rounders with Billy Hults LIVE at the Crystal Ballroom.  1987? "Random Canyon."
24.  Jim Page, Tribute to Billy Hults, LIVE from Billy's party  at the White Eagle...

I LOVED TONIGHT'S SHOW SO MUCH.   Billy responded and said, "This is what love sounds like."   No kidding!   (CJ...)

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