Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane

Howdy everyone. Welcome to the Cafe Vaquera Blob.  (I mean, BLOG...)  Here's where I post more detailed information about my shows. Thanks for listening.  Calamity Jane.

Cafe Vaquera
June 2, 2009

1.  Lisa and Her Kin, "Jane's Place," by Lisa Miller, (Two Weeks in Texas.)
2.  Billy Hults and friends, "Down the Road Feeling Bad," (Billy: The Anthology.)
3.  South Austin Jug Band, "Red Haired Boy/ Place I Call Home," Traditional/James Hyland, (Pickin' and Grinnin'.)
4.  Martin Sexton, "Black Sheep," and "Glory Bound," by Martin Sexton, (Black Sheep.)
5.  Kasey Chambers, "A Little Bit Lonesome," by Kasey Chambers, (Barricades and Brickwalls.)
6.  Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Pack My Suitcase," by Michael Clark, (Looks Perfectly Legal to Me.)
7.  Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band, "Ol' Cow-Hand," (Jug Band Music.)
8.  Simon Lynge, "One Day at a Time," by Simon Lynge, (A Beautiful Way to Drown.)
9.  Anne Weiss, "I Ain't Got No Reason to Lie to You," by John Twist, (Concrete World and the Lovers' Dream.)
10.  The Hacienda Brothers, "Soul Mountain," by Chris Gaffney, (Arizona Motel.)
11.  Gina Lee and the Brisket Boys, "Why I'm Walkin'," by Stonewall Jackson, (Hard Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson.)
12.  Iris DeMent, "Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day," by Iris DeMent, (My Life.)
13.  Michael Hurley, "Be Kind to Me," by Michael Hurley, (Armchair Boogie.)
14.  Anne Weiss, "In My Town," by Anne Weiss, (Crossing the Border.)
15.  Tom Waits, "The Heart of Saturday Night," by Tom Waits, (The Heart of Saturday Night.)
16.  Sassparilla, "Sassy Pants," (Debilitated Constitution.)
17.  Maria Muldaur, "So Many Rivers to Cross," (Louisiana Love Call.)
18.  Willie Nelson and Leon Russell, "One for my Baby," (One for the Road.)
19.  Greg Brown and Bill Morrissey, "He Was a Friend of Mine," (Friend of Mine.)
20.  The Be Good Tanyas, "Human Thing," (Hello Love.)
21.  Billy Hults and Baby Gramps, "Shake it, Break it," (Billy: The Anthology.)
22.  Wood Brothers, "One More Day," (Ways Not to Lose.)
23.  Michelle Shocked, "My Little Sister," (The Texas Campfire Tapes.)
24.  Gram Parsons, "She," by Gram Parsons, (GP/Grievous Angel.)
25.  Susan Tedeschi, "Angel from Montgomery," by John Prine, (Just Won't Burn.)
26.  Keller Williams, "Freak Show," by Keller Williams, (Laugh.)
27.  The Waifs, "Since I've Been Around," and "Fourth Floor," (Up All Night.)
28.  Lucinda Williams, "Greenville," by Lucinda Williams, (Care Wheels on a Gravel Road.)
29.  Denise Drake, "See ya When I See ya," by Denise Drake, (Read My Lips.)


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