Saturday, January 14, 2012

30-Day Challenge/ January 2012.

Day 14:


As an animal-loving girl-child of the 1950s, I schemed to order, from a sketchy ad on the back page of a comic book; a tea-cup monkey, a chihuahua, and ex-ray glasses.

Years later, as a result of a natural disaster in the form of 7.3 earthquake, I was to finally have a personal close encounter with the Capuchin monkey. After the earthquake, travel became impossible and housing became tight. I was invited to lodge with my new best friend, the Capuchin Jane Goodall of Costa Rica. I was assigned a bunk in a stench-filled guest room with a frantic, caged foster fur child as a roommate. Jane was surrogate mother to several clingy, vile, stinky, snarling, human-like little beings, all dripping off her dress like live jewelry.

I quickly got over my 30 year wanting of a tea-cup monkey and settled for the chihuahua and ex-ray glasses.

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