Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30-Day Challenge... January 2013

Day 11:


Life in the keys of me:


Aunt Betsy’s Victorian

Bicycle chain

Dad’s truck

Costume shop

Skeleton lock

Grandmother’s cabin


Art car

Wild Hair salon

Safety deposit box

Ranchita at Seal Rock

Storage units

Childhood ruins

Jewelry cases

Gym lockers

Portland crash pad

House of Dad

Hand cuffs

Foot locker

Tack room


City dump

Septic pump

Gem top

PSU darkroom

Apartment with a view

Camper van

1953 Chevrolet

High school library

Neighbor’s barn

Vintage trailer

Roller skates

Motor scooter

Sears shed

Homes of the dead

Art studio

United Hair Force

Port dock bath

Storefront Theater

Wrecked Jeep

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