Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cafe Vaquera, September 6, 2011.

September 6th, 2011.

1. The Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme," by Teddy Deane.
2. Jessica Stiles, "Tennessee Line," by Jessica Stiles, The Latest Stiles, 2011.
3. Peter and Zoe Stampfel, "Bad Boy," by Peter Stampfel and Antonia, Ass in the Air, Jolly Olga 2010.
4. John Prine and Iris DeMent, "In Spite of Ourselves," by John Prine, In Spite of Ourselves, Oh Boy.
5. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, "Shenandoah River," by Pokey LaFarge, Middle of Everywhere, Trade Root, 2011.
6. The Wilders, "Happy that Way," by Nate Gawron, Someone's got to Pay, Trade Root, 2008.
7. Trashcan Joe, "Enough About You," by Jason Wells, Real Life, 2007.
8. Jessica Stiles, "You Were Gone Before You Left," by J. Stiles and TommyHannum, The Lastest Stiles, 2011.
9. Lyle Lovett, "If I Had a Boat," by Lyle Lovett, Pontiac, Curb, 1988.
10. k.d. Lang, "Pullin' Back the Reins," by k.d.Lang, Torch and Twang, Sire 1989.
11. Steve Earle, "Meet me in the Alleyway," I'll Never get out of this World Alive, New West, 2011.
12. The Greencards, "Time," by Kim Warner, Carol Young, and Bill Whitbeck, Weather and Water, Dualtone 2005.
13. Fruit Bats, "So Long," Tripper, Sub Pop, 2011.
14. Eilen Jewell, "Queen of the Minor Key," by Eilen Jewell, Queen of the Minor Key.
15. Breathe Owl Breathe, "Black Bear."
16. Peter and Zoe Stampfel, "Ass in the Air," by Peter Stampfel, Ass in the Air, Jolly Olga 2010.
17. Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Pokey had a Neighbor," by Jeffrey Frederick, Looks Perfectly Legal to Me, 2001.
18. Jessica Stiles, "If I Could Only Start Over," The Latest Stiles, 2011.
19. Del McCoury and Tim O'Brien, "When I Paint my Masterpiece," by Bob Dylan.
20. The Hunger Mountain Boys, "I've Got the Blues, Mary," THREE, Old Fi Records, 2006.
21. Po'Girl, "Go On and Pass Me By," by Teixeira, Home to You, Nettwerk, 2007.
22. Pine Valley Cosmonauts, "Across the Alley from the Alamo, by J. Greene, Pine Valley Cosmonauts Salute Bob Wills, Bloodshot 1998.
23. Lightcrust Dough Boys, "Listen to the Mockingbird."
24. Tom Waits, "Crossroads."
25. Ben Sollee, "Bury me with my Car."
26. Leo Kottke, "Louise," by Leo Kottke, Greenhouse, Capital 1972.
27. The Handsome Family,"Bowling Alley Bar," Last Days of Wonder, Carrot Top, 2006.
28. Laura Viers, "Cool Water."
29. Denise Drake, "See You When I See You," by Denise Drake, Read My Lips, 2000.

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