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HIPFISH BENEFIT: January 23, 2011

Hipfish Arts and Cultural Monthly lost everything Hipfish in the recent fire at
#10 6th Street in Astoria, OR.

Artists, musicians, friends, sponsors, and readers have gathered together
to throw a HUGE Art Sale and "Entertainment-A-Thon."
Show your support for Hipfish, which has shown its support
for all things artsy and alternative for over 15 years.
Rally for Dinah and all things Hipfish!

Columbian Theater & VooDooRoom
11th and Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon

SUNDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 2011
Columbian Theater Stage
All ages downstairs/ 21 and over - beer & wine in balcony.
Pizza and beverages will be available for purchase.
The Columbian Theater accepts cash and checks only, no plastic.

Fisherpoet Dave Densmore and Singer/Songwriter Alexa Wiley MC

"Crossroads on the Columbia," a short film by Donna Quinn about the stopping of LNG,
for which Hipfish put up the good fight. (4PM)

Michael Hurley, The Swaggers, Jackson Andrews, Dina James, Radio Cowboy, Lazy Boys,
Ray Raihala, Ma Barley:
all on deck so far. (4:30-8PM)
More scheduling to come (TBA).
Check for ongoing information.

Pierce Christie of the Mallturnative is doing the sound.
All musicians need to have equipment on stage and ready to go by the 3PM. No schlepping through the theater, please, after the 4PM ball drops.
Showtime is 4PM.

Doors opens at 5PM with music by Denise Drake!
David Crabtree plays a special 15 minute song!
21 and over/ beverages and pizza available for purchase
OPEN MIC with emcee NachoBiz (KMUN's "Cocktail Nation")
(sign-up on site)
The Columbian Theater and VooDooRoom accept cash and checks only, please plan ahead.

Wristbands will be on sale at the Columbian Theater box office at 3:30PM the day of the show, January 23rd. $10+ donation requested, but please feel free to contribute and donate to Hipfish in any fashion you please.
We greatly appreciate all of it.
Wristband may be on sale at TBA locations during the week before.

Check for ongoing information.

January 15-22, 2011
Fabulous donated art will be on display at several locations around town
for sale in a silent auction.
(RiverSea Gallery, Lunar Boy Gallery, Old Town Framing, Lightbox Gallery, Dots & Doodles)
(Sign up bid sheet will be with art work.)

Art can be donated and delivered to:
RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, OR
Call Jeanine Grafton for an appointment.
503 325-1270
January 9th - January 13th (Noon-5PM.)

Donated artwork must be ready to display with name, title, value, and contact info.
The shows are being hung on January 14th, so all submissions must be January 13, 5PM.
Work will be available for SILENT AUCTION bids from January 15th-23rd.


Contact Calamity Jane if you are performing.
(The deck is full at this point, but please be in touch about sound checks and
your performances
if we have already talked! THANKS...)
PIERCE CHRISTIE of the Malturnative is doing sound, so please also check in with him.
A tentative schedule is now posted at

Contact Jeanine at RiverSea Gallery about donating art.
RiverSea Gallery 503 325-1270

Dulcye Taylor at Old Town Framing
503 325-5221

A web page has been donated by Sirius Media in Portland and is up and running.
Tell your friends to keep checking for ongoing information, updated daily!

Thanks so far to:
Jeanine Fairchild & Uriah: Columbian Theater /VooDooRoom
Pierce Christie: Sound
Josh Bahr: Sound
RiverSea Gallery
Old Town Framing
Dots and Doodles
Lunar Boy Gallery
Coast Community Radio
Sirius Media

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