Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane (12/7/10)

Welcome to the Cafe Vaquera!
Come on in and relax with a great bowl of mixed tunes.
9-11PM Tuesdays

1. The Play-Rite Boys, Calamity Jane Theme, by Teddy Deane.
2. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, Juanita, by Jeffrey Frederick, The Resurrection of Spiders in the Moonlight, Frederick Productions 2007.
3. Asylum Street Spankers, Everybody Loves my Baby, What? And Give up Show Biz?, Spanks-Alot 2002.
4. Leon Redbone, If Someone Would Only Love Me, Champagne Charlie, Warner Bros. 1978.
5. Del Rey, A Bungalow in Bangalow, by Del Rey, X-Rey Guitar, Hobemian.
6. Elliott Brood, The Valley Town, by Elliott Brood, Mountain Meadows, Six Shooter Records 2008.
7. Michelle Shocked, If Love Was a Train, Mercury Poise: 1988-1995, Mercury, 1996.
8. Asylum Street Spankers, Wake & Bake, What? And Give up Show Biz?, Spanks-Alot 2002.
9. Michael Hurley, National Weed Growers Association, by Michael Hurley, Live in Edinburgh, Snocko Music 1999.
10. Jeffery Frederick, (Solo), Jesus on the Mainline, Unfinished Business, Phantasy 2000.
11. Po' Girl, Angels of Grace, by Klein, Home to You, Nettwerk.
12. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Our Last Goodbye, Live May 1992.
13. Punch Brothers, Next to the Trash, by Punch Brothers, Antifogmatic, Nonesuch 2010.
14. Dave Reisch and the Jeffrey Frederick Memorial Band, Beehive Hairdo, by Jeffrey Frederick, St. Jeffrey's Day, Frederick Productions 2009.
15. Asylum Street Spankers, Since I Met You, Baby, Mercurial, Spanks-Alot 2004.
16. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, Singing to the Dentist, by Jeffrey Frederick, Spiders in the Moonlight, Frederick Productions.
17. The Countrypolitains, Behind the Night, Tired of Drowning, Ultrapolitian 1999.
18. The Handsome Family, Somewhere Else to Be, Last Days of Wonder, Carrot Top 2006.
19. Eagle Ridin' Papas with Johnnie Ward, Phonograph Blues, Juke Jug Jass Blues Hokum.
20. Frazey Ford, Blue Streak Mama, Obadiah, Nettwerk 2007.
21. John Gorka, Joint of No Return, by John Gorka, The Company You Keep, Red House 2001.
22. Chris Gaffney & Rosie Flores, The Man of Somebody's Dreams, Loser's Paradise, Hightone 1995.
23. Becky Kilgore and James Mason, Cheatin' on Me, Cactus Setup, PHD Music 1997.
24. Sassparilla, Better Man, Debilitated Constitution, Panniculous Records 2007.
25. Squirrel Nut Zippers, Baby Wants a Diamond Ring, Bedlam Ballroom, Mammoth 2000.
26. Jass Two with Teddy Deane & Steve Boden, I Found a Million Dollar Baby, Charleston, Revere 1999.
27. The Barbecue Orchestra with Turtle Vandermar & Spud Siegel, This Will Bring You Back, Jug Band Extravaganza, Folk Era Records, 2010.
28. Peter Stampfel & Baby Gramps, Monkeys Have No Tails in Zamboanga, by Baby Gramps, Outertainment, Frederick Productions 2010.
29. Peter Stampfel & Baby Gramps, New Asleep in the Deep, by Peter Stampfel, Outertainment, Frederick Producitons 2010.
30. Freak Mountain Ramblers, Real Fine Gal, by Jim Ydstie, FMR.
31. Freak Mountain Ramblers, John Henry, Traditional, FMR.
32. Denise Drake, See You When I See You, by Denise Drake, Read My Lips, Smokin' Mamma 2000.


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