Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane (11/23/2010)

1. The Play-Rite Boys, Calamity Jane Theme, by Teddy Deane.
2. Crooked Still, Undone in Sorrow, Still Crooked, Signature Sound 2008.
3. Janie Frickie, I'll Walk Before I'll Crawl, Saddle the Wind, Columbia 1988.
4. Marty Robbins, "Beggin to You, by M. Robins, Singing the Blues, Harmony.
5. Hot Buttered String Band, Elephant Hunting Song, Freight and Salvage: LIVE.
6. John Doe & the Sadies, A Fool Such as I, by W.M.Trader, Country Club, YepRoc 2009.
7. Good Ol' Persons, Dreamin' in 3/4 Time, by McComb, Anywhere the Wind Blows, Kaleidoscope 1989.
8. Charlie McCoy, Columbus Stockade Blues, Harpin' the Blues, Monument REcords 1975.
9. Bonnie Raitt, Love has No Pride, by Eric Kaz/ Libby Titus, Give it Up.
10. Tom Waits, Please Call Me Baby, by Tom Waits, The Early Years: Vol.2, Bizarre/STraight 1992.
11. Wayword Sons, Poor Boy's Delight, by Benny Galloway, Poor Boy's Delight, Hamshack 2006.
12. Jesse Winchester, That's What Makes You Strong, Gentleman of Leisure, Sugar Hill 1999.
13. Little Sue, In the Morning, by Little Sue, Crow, Cravedog.
14. Neil Young, Old Man, by Neil Young, Harvest, Reprise 1972.
15. Tom Waits, Grapefruit Moon, by Tom Waits, The Early Years: Vol.2.
16. Peter Stampfel, Laura the Horse, by Peter Stampfel, Dook of Beatniks.
17. Woody Pines, Chew Tobacco Rag, by Billy Briggs, Counting Alligators 2009.
18. Victoria Williams, Century Plant, by Victoria Williams, Loose, Mammoth REcords 1994.
19. Dr. Hook, Life Ain't Easy, Belly Up!, CBS 1973.
20. Jimmy Thackery & John Mooney, Niagra Falls, by John Mooney, Sideways in Paradise, Blind Pig 1993.
21. Lucy Kaplanski, My Name Joe, by Lucy Kaplanski, The Tide, Red House Records 1994.
22. Martin Sexton, Faith on the Table, by Martin SExton, Wonderbar, Atlantic 2000.
23. Jesse Kykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Weary Blues from Waitin, Hard-Headed Woman, Bloodshot 2004.
24. Amazing Rhythm Aces, Third Rate Romance, by R. Smith, Ride Again, Breaker, 1994.
25. John Doe & the Sadies, The Cold Hard Facts of Life, Country Club, YepRoc 2009.
26. Dr. Hok, Ballad of..., AND Roland the Roadie and Gertrude the Groupie, Belly Up! CBS 1973.
27. David Lindley, Cat Food Sandwiches, by David Lindley, Twango Bango Deluxe, Twango Bango.
28. Dr. John, Iko Iko, by James Crawford, Gumbo, Atlantic 1972.
29. Woody Pines, Crazy-Eyed Woman
30. Denise Drake, See You When I See You, by Denise Drake, Read My Lips, Smokin' Mamma 2000.
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