Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cafe Vaquera, February 16th, 2010...

Here's the Cold Stream outta water.
She is Dave Densmore's 54' west coast combo commercial fishing boat.
We are all gearing up for Fisher Poets Gathering here in Astoria from February 25-28.
The Cold Stream is getting some new wood on the bow and some new paint. Lucky her, huh?
I might just get a haircut and reprint my essays in larger type.
I perform at the Wet Dog at 7PM on Saturday evening.

Cafe Vaquera playlist from Fat Tuesday, February 16th, 2010.
My special guest was first time fisherpoet, long time commercial fisherman, Rob Sietz from Chinook, WA.

PLAYLIST for Cafe Vaquera (9-11PM Tuesdays on

1. The Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme," by Teddy Deane, 2009.
2. Steven "Pearly" Hettum, "The Fishermen's Ball," by Steven Hettum, (Fishermen's Ball--Locals Only 1998.)
3. Rob Seitz LIVE interview.
4. Jon Campbell, "Suzy on the Rose," by Jon Campbell, (East Coast Tug Boat Songs Project.)
5. Chuck Pyle, "Keepin' Time by the River," by Chuck Pyle, (River of Song-- River of Song Project 2000.)
6. Rob Seitz LIVE interview. (poem about rocking and rolling around on the toilet while out at sea.)
7. Kid Siegel, "Rolling Sea," by Joseph Spence, (Sweet Home on the Coast-- Sleepy Owl Productions.)
8. Jon VanAmerongen, "Last Troller's Waltz," by John VanAmerongen, (Alaska Fishin' Tunes.)
9. Butch Leman, "In Alaska," by Butch Leman, (North Country Fare.)
10. Rob Seitz LIVE interview. (poem about his wife being the boss at home while he's the boss out at sea. The whole family is involved in the harvesting of your food!)
11. Carl Thornton, "Keep on Fishin'," by Jon Campbell, (Yup, I Said That-- a compilation of other folks doing the poems and songs of Jon Campbell.)
12. Jimmie and Julz Kasner, "Distant Waters," by James Kasner, (Bare Bones II.)
13. Dave Densmore, "Fishing Fever," spoken word by Dave Densmore, (It's Not Just the Fish, Boy!)
14. Jon Broderick and Jay Speakman, "Girl with Dark Eyes at the Cannery," by Jon Broderick, (Heading Home.)
15. Porfessor Longhair, "Crawfish Fiesta," by Professor Longhair, (Crawfish Fiesta.)

On that note, let's celebrate FAT TUESDAY!
16. Coco Robicheaux, "Juanita," by Coco Robichaeux, (Louisiana Medicine Man--Orleans 1998.)
17. Queen Ida, "Home on the Bayou," by Jim Wilson, (Mardi Gras, GNDCrescendo 1994.)
18. BooZoo Chavis, "Rock Me Mama," by Arthur Crudup, (Down Home on Dog Hill--Rounder2000.)
19. Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, "Bayou Schwarz," (La Toussaint-- Rounder 1995.)
20. Rosie Ledet, "Bayou Blues," by Rosie Ledet, (Zydeco Sensation-- Maison de Soul1997.)
21. Marva Wright, "Bluesiana Mama," by Marva Wright, (Heartbreakin' Woman-- MardiGras1998.)
22. Kermit Ruffins, "Things are Getting Better," by Cannon Ball Adderley and Eddy Jefferson, (Swing This-- BasinStreet1999.)
23. Maria Muldaur, "Louisiana Love Call," by M. Grebb, (Louisiana Love Call-- BlackTop1992.)
24. Dr. John with Eddie Bo and Dave Bartholomew, "The Monkey," by Dave Bartholomew, (N'Awlinz, Dis Dat or D'Udda--EMI2004.)
25. Irma Thomas, "Walk Around Heaven All Day," by Cassietta George, (Walk Around Heaven-- Rounder1994.)
26. Balfa Toujours, "La Canard A Bois Sec," by Dirk Powell and Christine Balfa, (Deux Voyages-- Rounder1996.)
27. Zakiya Hooker, "New Orleans Rain," by Doug Duffey, (Flavors of the Blues-- Pointblank1996.)
28. Marcia Ball, "Louella," by Marcia Ball, (Presumed Innocent.)
29. Denise Drake, "See You When I See You," by Denise Drake, (Read My Lips.)

Tune in next week when I, Calamity Jane, get to spend some on-air time with Fisher Poet legends, Dave Densmore and Geno Leech.

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