Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane... 3-HOUR Special!

Three hours in the Cafe Vaquera alone with Calamity Jane. Hey, it's an opportunity to draw ideas for my new yard-scape!

1. Teddy Deane and the Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme," by Teddy Deane.
2. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, "Honolulu," by Jeffrey Frederick, (Clamtones BC.)
3. Christine Lavin, "Cold Pizza," by Christine Lavin, (Cold Pizza for Breakfast.)
4. Sam Bush, "Howlin' at the Moon," by James L. Ratis/ John McEuen, (Howlin' at the Moon.)
5. Infamous Stringdusters, "Get it While You Can," by Edward D. Barnes, (Infamous Stringdusters.)
6. Iris DeMent, "Hobo Bill's Last Ride," by Jimmie Rodgers, (The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers: A Tribute.)
7. Lex Browning, "This Too Shall Pass," by Lex Browning, (Good Rain.)
8. Martin Simpson, "Forgotten the Blues," unknown, (LIVE at the Holywell Music Room, Oxford.)
9. The Greencards, "The Ghost of Who We Were," by Carol Young/ Jedd Hughes," (Weather and Water.)
10. Doc Watson and David Grisman, "Sweet Georgia Brown," by Pinckard, Casey, Bernie, (Doc & Dawg.)
11. Junior Brown, "Coconut Island," by J. Brown, (12 Shades of Brown.)
12. R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, "Hano Hano Hawaii," by Kealoha, (Singing in the Bathtub.)
13. Swingline Cubs, "Green Door," by Bob Davie/ Marvin Moore, (In Full Swing.)
14. Asylum Street Spankers, "Since I've Met You Baby," by Ivory Joe Hunter, (Mercurial.)
15. Holly Cole, "The Heart of Saturday Night," by Tom Waits, (Temptation.)
16. C.W. Stoneking, "Jungle Blues," by C.W. Stoneking, (Jungle Blues.)
17. Sheila Wilcoxson, "Bad Sport Blues," by Alan Hager, (Backwater Blues.)
18. Hot Tuna, "Candy Man," by Rev. Gary Davis, (First Pull Up--Then Pull Down.)
19. Dolly Ranchers, "Too Drunk to go Home," by Sarah-Jane Moody/ Marisa Anderson, (Ten O'Clock Bird.)
20. David Lindley, "She Took Off my Romeos," by Bob "Frizz" Fuller, (El-Rayo-X.)
21. Grateful Dead, "Mama Tried," by Merle Haggard, (Grateful Dead.)
22. Bob Dylan, "If You See Her Say Hello," by Bob Dylan, (Blood on the Tracks.)
23. Bonnie Raitt, "Love Has No Pride," by Eric Kaz/ Libby Titus, (Collection.)
24. Railroad Earth, "Colorado," by Todd Sheaffer/ Andy Goessing, (The Black Bear Sessions.)
25. The Waifs, "Lies," by J. Cunningham, (Sink or Swim.)
26. Trampled by Turtles, "Like An Empty House," by Dave Simonett, (Trouble.)
27. Bob Dylan, "My Wife's Hometown," by Bob Dylan, (Together Through Life.)
28. The Du-Tels, "VooDoo Queen Marie," by (?) Peter Stampfel, (No Knowledge of Music Required.)
29. Michael Hurley, UNHoly Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, "HooDoo Bash," by Antonia, (Have Moicy!)
30. Ry Cooder, "Smack Dab in the Middle," by Charles E. Calhoun, (River Rescue.)
31. Marva Wright, "Nothing Takes the Place of You," by Toussaint McCall/ Patrick Robinson, (Heartbreakin' Woman.)
32. Tom Waits, "Drunk on the Moon," by Tom Waits, (The Heart of Saturday Night.)
33. Dr. John (Featuring Randy Newman), "I Ate Up the Apple Tree," by Dave Williams, (N'Awlinz--Dis Dat orD'Udda.)
34. Maria Muldaur, "Louisiana Love Call," by M. Grebb, (Louisiana Love Call.)
35. Van Morrison, "There Stands the Glass," by Alice Gresham/ Russ Hull/ Mary Jane Shurtz, (Pay the Devil.)
36. Langhorn Slim, "By theTime the Suns Gone Down," by Langhorn Slim, (The Suns Gone Down.)
37. Charliei Musselwhite, "Rank Strangers to Me," by Albert E. Brumley, (One Night in America.)
38. Les Paul and Mary Ford, "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams," by T. Koehler, (The Fabulous Les Paul and Mary Ford.)
39. Leon Redbone, "The One Rose," by Del Lyon/ Lani McIntire, (Champagne Charlie.)
40. Queen Ida, "I Can See Clearly Now," by Johnny Nash, (Mardi Gras!)
41. Professor Longhair, "It's My Fault Darling," by (?) Professor Longhair, (Crawfish Fiesta.)
42. Coco Robicheaux, "Juanita," by Coco Robicheaux, (Louisiana Medicine Man.)
43. Denise Drake, "See Ya When I See Ya," by Denise Drake, (Read My Lips.)

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