Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane

Cafe Vaquera:

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1. Lisa and Her Kin, "Jane's Place," by Lisa Miller, (Two Weeks in Texas.)
2. Chris Gaffney and Dale Watson, "Loser's Paradise," (Loser's Paradise.)
3. Jessica Stiles, "You Pays Yer Money," by Jessica Stiles.

The following six songs are done by performers for this year's PICKATHON, which is July 31-August2 near Portland, OR. (www.pickathon.com)

4. Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers, "Devils in Boston," by Samantha Crain, (The Confiscation.)
5. Alela Diane, "Fat Mama," by Alela Diane, (Take Us Back.)
6. Lost Bayou Ramblers, "Cote Gelee Two-Step," (Vermillionaire.)
7. Dehlia Low, "Buffalo to Washington," by Dehlia Low, (Tellico.)
8. Breathe Own Breathe, "Black Bear," (Canadian Shield.)
9. Vetiver, "Sister," (Tight Knit.)
10. Wanda Jackson, "Night Life," from 1965 LP called Blues in my Heart.
11. Kitty Wells, "Queen of Honky Tonk Street," from 1967 LP of the same name.
12. The Countrypolitians, "Instant Love," (Tired of Drowning.)
13. Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, "We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning," by Gram Parsons, (GP.)
14. Van Morrison, "There Stands the Glass," by Alice Gresham, Russ Hull, & Mary Jane Shurtz, (Pay the Devil.)
15. Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys, "Love that Man," (Turntable Matinee.)
16. Justin Townes Earle, "The Good Life," J.T. Earle, (The Good Life.)
17. Dale Watson, "That's What I Like About Texas," by Dale Watson, (Blessed or Damned.)
18. The Little Willies, "Best of All Possible Worlds."
19. Little Feat and Friends with Bela Fleck, "The Weight," (Join the Band.)
20. The Waifs, "Up All Night," (Up All Night.)
21. Tom Waits, "God's Away on Business," by Tom Waits, (Blood Money.)
22. Billy Hults and Richard Cranium and the Phoreheads, "Ruthie's Moan," (Billy Hults: The Anthology.) www.frederickproductions.com
23. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, "Lazy Bones," J. Frederick, (Spiders in the Moonlight.)
24. Holy Modal Rounders, "Happy Rolling Cowboy," (I Make a Wish for a Potato.)
25. The John Butler Trio, "Zebra," by John Butler, (Sunrise Over Sea.)
26. Bruce Cockburn, "Fast Fall on the Road," by Bruce Cockburn, (Sunwheel Dance.)
27. Cowboy Junkies, "Crescent Moon," (Pale Sun/ Crescent Moon.)
28. Be Goood Tanyas with Old Crow Medicine Show, "Crow Waltz," (Hello Love.)
29. Langhorn Slim, "By the Time the Sun's Gone Down," by Langhorn Slim, (When the Sun's Gone Down.)
30. Wanda Jackson, "The Box It Came In," (Rockin' in the Country.)
31. Dale Watxon, "Truck Stop in LaGrande," by Dale Watson, (Best of the Hightone Years.)
32. Wanda Jackson, "A Girl Doesn't Have to Drink to Have Fun," (Rockin' in the Country.)
33. Denise Drake, "See You When I See You," by Denise Drake, (Read My Lips.)

See y'all on Thursday, July 23rd from 1-3 on Coast Community Radio for STUCK IN THE 60s. Nothing says "I'm stuck in the 60s" like BIG HAAAHR!

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