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Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane

Saddle up that La-Z-Boy and enjoy a few hours in front of the radio instead of the TV!
Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane: servin' up free-range radio...
1.  Lisa and Her Kin/"Jane's Place"/ by Lisa Miller/ Two Weeks in Texas.
2.  Hank Williams Sr./ "You Win Again"/ by Hank Williams Sr. 
3.  Little Country Giants/ "Straight Blade" and "I Can't Stand the Heart Ache"/ by Russett Cook and Cameron Federal Cook/ Sing Pretty for the People.
4.  Bob Dylan/ "Life is Hard"/ by Bob Dylan/ Together Thru Life.
5.  Anne Weiss/ "Crossing the Border"/ by Anne Weiss/ Crossing the Border.
6.  Michael Hurley/ "Grand Canyon Line"/ by Michael Hurley/ Armchair Boogie.
7.  Commander Cody/ "Roll Yer Own"Dopers, Drugs, and Everyday Losers (2009).
8.  Jolie Holland/ "Stubborn Beast"/ by Jolie Holland/ Springtime Can Kill You.
9.  The Avett Brothers/ "Paranoia In B Flat Major"/ by the Avett Brothers/Emotionalism.
10.  Martin Sexton/ "Freedom of the Road"/ by Martin Sexton/ Black Sheep.
11.  Victoria Williams/ "Century Plant"/ by Victoria Williams/ Loose.
12.  Leon Redbone/ "The One Rose That's Left in My Heart"/ by Del Lyon and Lani McIntire/ Champagne Charlie.
13.  Erin McKeown/ "They Say It's Spring"/ by M. Clarke, B. Haymes/ Sing You Sinners.
14.   Langhorn Slim/ "I Love To Dance"/ by Langhorn Slim/ When the Sun Goes Down.
15.  Wanda Jackson/ "You Win Again"/ by Hank Williams Sr.
16.  Bob Dylan/ "This Dream of You"/ by Bob Dylan/ Together Thru Life.
17.   Keith Richards/ "You Win Again"/ by Hank Williams Sr.
18.  The Be Good Tanyas/ "Crow Waltz"/ by Sam Parton/ Hello Love.
19.  The Greencards/ "The Ballad of Kitty Brown"/ by Eamon McLoughlin/Weather and Water.
20.  Hank Williams (as Luke the Drifter)/ "Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals"/ by H. Williams/ Beyond the Sunset.
21.  Rickie Lee Jones/ "Just My Baby"/ by Rickie Lee Jones and Pascal Naber-Meyer/ Flying Cowboys.
22.  The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band/ "My Old Man Boogie"Big Damn Nation.
23.  The Handsome Family/ "Beautiful William"/ by R. & B. Sparks/ Last Days of Wonder.
24.  Hacienda Brothers with Chris Gaffney/ "When You're Tired of Breakin' Other Hearts"/ by H. Williams and C. Williams/ Arizona Motel.
25.  Ranch Girls and the Ragtime Wranglers ( from Netherlands)/ "If You Don't, Somebody Else Will"/ by J. Angel, J. Mathis, G.H. Page/ Hard-Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson.
26.  Gina Lee and the Brisket Boys/ "Why I'm Walking"/ by Stonewall Jackson/ Hard-Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson.
27.  Stonewall Jackson/ "You Win Again"/ by Hank Williams Sr.
28.  Lisa and Her Kin/ "Ladies Night"/ by Lisa Miller/ Two Weeks in Texas.
29.  Michael Hurley/ "When the Swallows Come Back To Capistrano"/Armchair Boogie.
30.  Denise Drake/ "See Ya When I See Ya"/ by Denise Drake/ Read My Lips.

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