Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cafe Vaquera with Calamity Jane

Tonight I interviewed, via telephone, Teddy Deane and Jonathan Piff of the Play-Rite Boys of Friday Harbor, WA. (San Juan Island...) Teddy wrote and recorded my bran new theme song, "CALAMITY JANE." We celebrated the release of their new CD called "Goin' Home to Friday Harbor," in honor of the town's centennial celebration. Thank you to Karri G. for helping me engineer! (www.teddydeane.com)

1. Teddy Deane and the Play-Rite Boys, "Calamity Jane Theme, by Teddy Deane.
2. Freak Mountain Ramblers, "Belly Song," by Antonia, (Freak Mountain Ramblers.)
3. The Play-Rite Boys, "Goin' Home to Friday Harbor," by Teddy Deane, (Goin' Home to Friday Harbor.)
4. Jass Two, "Blue Skies," by Irving Berlin, (Charleston.)
5. The Play-Rite Boys, "Lyin' With My Baby," by Teddy Deane, (So Far So Good.)

6. PHONE INTERVIEW with TEDDY DEANE AND JONATHAN PIFF. We talked about their new CD and about recording my new theme song and the Pig War and Wolf Hollow Rehabilitation Center and our dogs and Friday Harbor and gardening and music.

7. The Play-Rite Boys, "Wolf Hollow Jamboree," by Teddy Deane, (Going Home to Friday Harbor.)
8. The Play-Rite Boys, "So Far So Good," by Teddy Deane, (So Far So Good.)
9. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, "Robbin' Banks," Jeffrey Frederick, (Clamtones BC.)
10. Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, "Rose Room," by William Huckman, (The Quintet of the Hot Club of France.)
11. Patsy Cline, "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home," (Live at the Cimarron Ballroom.)
12. Cheap Suit Serenaders, "Sweet Lorraine," (First Album.)
13. John Sebastian and the J. Band, "The New Jug Band Waltz," (I Want My Roots.)
14. The Wiyos, "Angeline," by the Wiyos, (Broken Land Bell.)
15. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, "Grizelda," by Antonia, (Clamtones BC.)
16. The Play-Rite Boys, "Cheatin' on the Kaleetan," by Teddy Deane, (Goin' Home to Friday Harbor.)
17. Bob Dylan, "My Wife's Home Town," by Bob Dylan, (Together Through Life.)
18. C.W.Stoneking, "Housebound Blues," by C.W.Stoneking, (Jungle Blues.)
19. Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, Tracy Nelson, "Yield Not to Temptation," (Sing it!)
20. Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel, "Bring it on Down to My House," (Willie and the Wheel.)
21. Charlie Musselwhite, "In a Town this Size," by Kieran Kane, (One Night in America.)
22. Maria Muldaur, "Travelin' Shoes," Traditional, (Waitress in a Donut Shop.)
23. Van Morrison, "Don't You Make Me High," (Pay the Devil.)
24. Delbert McClinton, "Before You Accuse Me," by Eugene McDaniel, (Honky Tonk N Blues.)
25. Lynn Miles, "When Did the World," by Lynn Miles, (Unravel.)
26. Justin Townes Earle, "Here We Go Again," by J.T. Earle, (Midnight at the Movies.)
27. Tracy Nelson, "What Good Can Drinkin' Do?" by Janis Joplin, (House of Blues: Songs by Janis Joplin.)
28. Swingline Cubs, "Over the Rainbow," by Harold Arlem, (On the Street.)
29. Denise Drake, "See Ya When I See Ya," by Denise Drake, (Read My Lips.)

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